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Positive Reinforcement Trainers and High Quality Modern Professional Vetting

Mosh Pit Rescue recommends the following exceptional trainers and vet offices:

Please research any vet you are considering for your animal, observe if the office is clean, if the vet and the staff act professionally and if the care provided is explained and exceptional.  We have found a wide range in vet medicine from the completely unacceptable to the brilliant.  Your animal only has you to advocate for it and "cheap care" doesn't always equate to acceptable care.  

We believe in positive reinforcement training - do not punish, prong, hit, yell at, or shock dogs into submission.  The year is 2023 and we as an industry and a society have advanced beyond abuse.  

Every trainer recommended here uses Positive Reinforcement based training methods and a modern approach to dog behavior.

VCA Woodland.jpg


Dr. Katie Martin, DVM, Medical Director along with Dr. Galbraith, Dr. Ambrose, Dr. Ritchie and Dr. Eidenier have been with Mosh Pit since the beginning of the rescue.  VCA Woodland has always gone above and beyond what we could expect to ensure quality care for our adoptables.  

We cannot recommend this practice highly enough.  They are not cheap - and they are not cheap for a reason - they are superior.  

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Recommended certified positive reinforcement based trainers both in home and group classes.  We highly recommend every dog owner book at least one private session post adoption to ensure an easy transition into the dog's new home.

Kristie Swan along with the other trainers at A Dog's Life have been supporters of Mosh Pit and we highly recommend them.  



If your dog or cat has vet visit related anxiety or would benefit from a vet office designed around providing a safe space for reactive or otherwise anxious pets, the RRC is a godsend.  Pets are able to book appts where they are the only pet at the practice.  The vets and techs here are trained at a master level on how to ease stress in a vet visit.  RRC is a kind practice where superior vet medicine meets compassion and empathy.

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Dog Walking, Dog Training and Human Coaching

Stacie, lead doggie walker and head coach at LaP, is our go to for walks and daily visits.  Stacie has been active in rescue work for decades.  Her rates are reasonable for cat visits, dog walks, and like anyone who is superior at their craft, she is in demand.  She is trustworthy, bonded, insured and reliable.  

Vets And Trainers: Meet the Team
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