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What is a Mosh Pit Rescue #CATerpillar?

Some adopters want that instant connection.  That click.  That romantic fairy tale moment where a cat chooses them, crawls in their lap and says “pick me take me home” – then they live 20 beautiful years together with no medical problems and become a DoDo video of happiness.  Real life doesn’t always work that way. 

MPR gets app after app for a “cuddly cat” and kittens. What of the shy adult cats that need time to warm up - time to transform. What of the careful cats that need patience - time to learn to trust.  What of the gentle and timid cats that hide under the bed as soon as a potential adopter walks into the room?

We’re excited to fight for homes for these cats under a new wing of MPR  which will focus both on their adoptions and their enrichment/development in foster.

These cats, our CATerpillars, are worthy of homes and love even if they don’t want to be picked up, held or petted. They would do well as “one more cat” in a multi cat home or as a “project cat” with a patient human who commits to meeting them where they are and loving them through all they will become as they learn to fly.

Some of these cats are going to be forever damaged because along the way a human clipped their wings.  Some of these cats have been through the unimaginable.  Some will warm up in time and become more “normal” while others will be forever be shy and will always be special needs in some way. 

Some have medical issues that need special care while others are perfectly healthy.  Some would be great for a first-time adopter while others would do better with an experienced cat owner.  Some need a multi-cat home and others would be OK as a single pet.  Each CATerpillar’s situation is unique a each CATerpillar is unique. 

All will need owners committed to the journey and committed to being there for their new friend - no matter what kind of butterfly they grow up to be. 

All cats in this program come fully vetted.  They can be difficult to get into a carrier and it may take two people to clip their nails.  Mosh Pit is committed to helping owners set these cats up for success at the vet. 

MPR CATerpillars are works of art to be appreciated. They are seldom seen, rarely heard. They are the wallflowers, the quiet roommates, the low maintenance, the companions.

We are looking for adopters who want to appreciate the beauty of a transformation.  Mosh Pit is committed to honest adoption bios that lay out the individual needs of each CATerpillar and taking time to match up these cats to owners and homes.  We love them – we want them loved forever. 

“Behind the shy there burned a whole and magnificent soul worthy of love”.

“The relationships we fight for the hardest are the most rewarding”.

Are you interested in working with us to foster to adopt a CATerpillar?  Contact us!  We would love to work with you to add a CATerpillar to your home!

CATerpillars: About Us
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