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At Mosh Pit, our goal is to match you with an animal that fits your situation.  Every situation is unique and instead of a formal application process, we prefer to talk to you over the phone or facebook, get to know you a little bit and see if we have an animal that fits your home and family.  

There are a few absolutes.  

**  All other animals in the home must be spayed/neutered and cared for.  If your other animals are not spayed/neutered - we can help you get that done. (Obviously this would not apply if an animal has a medical reason for not being spayed or is too old to safely spay.) 

** Dogs adopted through us may not have their tails cropped or ears docked after adoption. If you want a dog with cropped ears, we may be able to find you one that has previously cropped ears so please still contact us.  Mosh Pit dogs are intended to be family members - not kept outside in dog houses or on chains.  

** 99% of the cats we adopt are indoor only.  We do not permit adopters to declaw post adoption.  We will teach you how to cut a cat's nails if you don't know how.  If you are looking for an indoor/outdoor cat, a barn cat, or a declawed cat, please still contact us we have contacts at other rescues who we can match you up with and under rare circumstances we have adopted out feral cats to barns. Sometimes we do find previously declawed cats that need rehoming.  

** All animals in the home should be kept up to date on vaccines and especially dogs need to be on a monthly Heartworm preventative.  If you haven't owned a dog before, we can help explain what this means.  

**  All adoption fees are on a case by case basis.  We ask for a minimum donation to the rescue of $150 if possible for dogs and $75 for cats.  That usually nowhere near covers the cost for us to vet, neuter and care for the animal.  

When we talk on the phone or via facebook, we will need your basic info, name address, phone number, email, and we will ask you to describe each member of your family.  We will talk about your home, if you rent or own, if there is a fenced yard, where the pet will sleep, what the pet will eat... We will talk about vetting an animal and ensure that you are financially capable of caring for a pet.  

We do home visits to ensure that your home is a fit for the animal. 

We do vet reference checks and ensure that the pet's full vetting needs are explained to each adopter.  

All adopters join a Facebook group of Mosh Pit adopters and are encouraged to post pics and keep in touch with fellow Mosh Pit adopters for the life of their animal.  We are a community - we love hearing stories about / looking at pics of each other's animals and helping each other with suggestions on how to care for our pets.  Sometimes we even help watch pets when adopters travel or share crates/extra food if it's no longer needed.  There are plenty of places that allow an animal adoption with absolutely no follow up or community.  We are not that kind of rescue/shelter.  We are a family.  


Adopting a pet is a life long commitment and can be expensive.  A pet is a member of your family forever - not until you have a child or until you move - a pet is forever.  It is the intention of Mosh Pit Rescue to place animals in FOREVER homes where they will be cared for, spoiled rotten, and loved.  Many of our animals have been failed by humans during their lives which is how they ended up at Mosh Pit to begin with.  Our goal is to ensure that no humans ever fail them again.  

If at any point you find yourself unable to care for your pet, please contact us for suggestions - we want to help!  Mosh PIt has an open door policy - if for any reason a Mosh Pit animal must be rehomed that animal is always welcome back to us no questions asked.  We make life long promises to the animals in our care - and we mean it when we say none of our animals will ever have a bad day again.  

Spay/Neuters are typically performed at C-Snip.  For more information visit http://www.csnip.org/.

Most Pit Rescue uses VCA Woodland Animal Hospital for the majority of our veterinary needs.  For more information and a first visit free coupon, visit https://vcahospitals.com/woodland-mi.  We primarily use Doctor Martin but any of the vets in the practice are compassionate, qualified, and they vet the way we choose to - the care for the animals comes first and good medicine is practiced.