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Adopting a dog may not change the world, but for that dog, the world will change. 


1731 Woodworth St. NE. Grand Rapids, MI 49525

EIN: 82-2928818. 616-915-8186

Please read and initial next to each of the following statements:

_______My new dog, cat or kitten, whether a foster for MPR or an adopted pet, my new friend and companion, will be treated as a family member with loving care and affection.  No physical or emotional abuse will ever happen to my new friend.  I will take responsibility for this animal for the rest of its life (or stay if a foster).  I am responsible for his/her care and well-being from today until the day of his/her death (or adoption if fostering).

_______If I move the pet will move with me.  I will find housing where my pet is welcome.  This pet is now my family.  I understand pets are forever, not until I have a baby or my circumstances change.  I intend to care for my new pet for the rest of its life.   

_______I will feed my new pet a minimum of twice a day.  I will provide fresh water, treats, toys and a comfortable place to sleep. 

_______This animal will live INSIDE my home and will not be isolated from my family.  The kitten or cat I am adopting will be kept inside.  (In the rare non-routine event Mosh Pit is adopting out a barn or other outside cat, we will discuss and add notes to this agreement.  Mosh Pit does NOT generally adopt outdoor cats.)

_______ I have discussed with Mosh Pit volunteers how I plan to safely contain my new pet.  We have checked windows and screens, we have taught our children not to open doors if applicable. 

_______I understand leash laws and agree to abide by them. 

_______I will ensure proper veterinary care for my new animal and I understand the cost involved in properly caring for a pet. 

________I have an emergency plan (both transportation and financial) in case of a medical emergency. 

_______While as of today I agree to take financial responsibility for my new pet, I understand that Mosh Pit Rescue also loves this animal and will do their best to help if my financial situation changes or I am faced with an emergency.  I will contact MPR if I find myself needing help. 

_______Shots such as rabies and other vaccines will be administrated as advised by a vet (no Tractor Supply Vaccines). 

_______ I will not declaw my cat.  In the impossibly rare event that a Mosh Pit cat needs to be declawed for a medical reason, I will contact Mosh Pit Rescue first to discuss options.  I understand that declawing is outdated, inhumane and usually completely unnecessary.  If needed, a MPR volunteer will teach you how to trim your cat’s nails.  

_______If in the highly unlikely event the pet being adopted has not been spayed or neutered, an appt has been made and will be kept by the adopter, or an agreement has been reached to ensure the animal is spayed/neutered.  Proof of spay/neuter will be provided to Mosh Pit Rescue if requested.  If an animal is not neutered, Mosh Pit Rescue will cover the cost of neuter at either CSnip or VCA Woodland Animal Hospital.  If an adopter chooses to neuter at their own vet, they will be responsible for the cost.  (Note effective 2/1/2023 MPR has discontinued allowing spay contracts.  All pets must be spayed or neutered prior to being adopted as of 2/1/2023.)

________Mosh Pit has explained the animal’s current vetting and I understand the care the animal has received.  I understand what future care may be needed and agree to provide it. 

_______I understand the importance of heartworm prevention and flea/tick/parasite prevention and will properly administer both monthly. 

_______I understand the egg to adult flea cycle and the egg to adult parasite/worm cycle.  Especially if I am adopting a kitten I understand flea treatment is essential for a minimum of four months (and should be ongoing for the cat's entire life) and a repeat fecal may show worms/parasites even if a current fecal is clean.  If adopting a kitten, I will retest a fecal at the 16w vet appt and at the 1 year vet appt to make sure that my animal is healthy and annoying bug/parasite/worm free!

_______When the time comes to let my animal cross the rainbow bridge, I will provide safe humane passing at a vet (I will not shoot or otherwise dispose of my animal).  I will either bury my animal or have it cremated respectfully.  If you need emotional support or financial support to allow a pet to pass humanely please contact us at the rescue.  We are happy to sit with you, go to the appt with you, provide vet transportation, or assist with scattering ashes if need be.  We loved them too!

_______I understand that I must notify Mosh Pit, without delay, if circumstances change and I can no longer care for or keep my animal.  I understand MPR is here to help post adoption, within reason.  I agree to give Mosh Pit time to re-home my pet or place my pet in an approved foster home, if available.  I will notify Mosh Pit of any behavioral problems that have occurred at any time before I return my pet. 

Every Mosh Pit animal is a part of our MPR family and it is our intent to help/love/assist owners for the remainder of that pet's life within reason.  We do expect owners to have consulted an approved trainer and for the pet to have seen a vet to rule out medical issues prior to contacting us to return a pet. 

_______If I am adopting a dog and a training class or in home consult would be beneficial to dog and human, arrangements have been made to set that up. 

_______If I am having behavior issues with my pet post adoption, I will work with a positive reinforcement based trainer to address these issues.  Mosh Pit recommends A Dog's Life GR and A Pleasant Dog.  I have considered that adoption comes with the responsibility to care for my dog physically and mentally for the rest of its life. 

_______ If adopting a dog, I understand what positive reinforcement training is, why we do not shock, prong or hit dogs into submission, and agree never to prong, shock or hit my new dog.  Additionally I will not work with trainers that use such outdated and ineffective practices.  (This is a confusing topic - if you need clarification please ASK US we are happy to educate!)

_______ I am adopting this pet for myself and I agree to not give away, sell, or trade my pet, even as a gift to a friend or family member without contacting MPR.  (MPR is adopting this pet to YOU as a qualified approved adopter - not your kids, not your friend - they have not gone through our adoption process.)  

_______I will never take a MPR cat/dog to a shelter nor otherwise abandon a MPR cat/dog. 

_______I affirm that no member of my household has been convicted of or charged with an animal welfare law violation such as neglect, cruelty, abandonment etc.

_______I agree to accept responsibility and ownership of my new pet at my own risk and I release MPR and its agents from any and all liability arising out of possession and ownership of my animal.  I agree that I am assuming total financial responsibility for my pet as of the date of this contract. MPR and its agents will not be held responsible for any damages or expenses (veterinary or other) incurred during my ownership of the pet.  At MPR, we are volunteers operating in good faith to home and help animals. 

_______I have been made aware of the Mosh Pit Facebook Adopter Group and will post pics/updates of my animal.  I will use this group to ask for help if needed.  We encourage our adopters to keep in touch and be involved in our community.  We are here to help with problems and here to support each other in giving these animals the best for the remainder of their lives.

______ I am aware of and have paid the adoption fee.  Mosh Pit Rescue is 501(c)3 not-for-profit.  We are 100% donation supported and operate as a volunteer rescue.  All contributions are tax deductible.  Venmo @moshpitrescue CashApp $moshpitrescue Paypal

PET NAME:  _____________________________________

OWNER NAME AND ADDRESS:   ____________________________________

OWNER EMAIL ADDRESS:   ____________________________________

OWNER PHONE NUMBER:   ____________________________________

OWNER SIGNATURE:   ____________________________________

NOTES:   If pet is not yet fixed write in preset appt day/time/location. Inform adopter next flea/tick/hw prevent date. 

Adoption Contract: Get Involved
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