Euthanasia literally means easy death. Euthanasia is the painless peaceful ending of life. It is the absolute worst part of rescue. It is a mind boggling responsibility and never taken lightly. It's uncomfortable to talk about - but we have to talk about it. We want it laid out, openly, clearly, transparently and specifically so our fosters know our procedures and our donors believe in our decision process. Mosh Pit Rescue is "no kill" in that we don't put animals down for


What is a Foster Home? Fosters provide temporary homes for rescue animals waiting for adoption. This could mean days, months or in the case of hospice or difficult adoptions, this could even mean years. Fosters provide love, attention, training, transportation to vet visits, treats and ease the transition from shelter to forever home. Fosters are ESSENTIAL to rescue. Many times shelter behavior does not provide an accurate picture of an animal in a home environment. Foster