How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

October 10, 2017

First and above all else, remember that the very best moment of a dog's day is when you come home and who wouldn't be excited to see you!  You're awesome!  You are everything to your dog and sometimes, WE ARE JUST SO EXCITED WE CAN'T HELP OURSELVES!!!!!!!  


What do you do when you have a really agressive super excited doggie greeting when you get home?  Here's a few suggestions from around the web:


1). Don't be part of the problem.  When you first see your dog of course you want to love them and tell them something along the lines of "HI BABY OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU MAMA'S HOME!!!!"  Keeping the greetings calm will help your dog learn that jumping is not the way to get attention from their favorite human.


2). Practice going in and out, turning and ignoring your dog while they jump.  In time your dog will learn they do not get your attention by jumping.  Take away the reward (your attention) from the action (jumping).


3). If you have a friend to help you, here's an idea from Quick Dirty Tips.  


Let the dog figure out that what gets his favorite human to come closer is calm behavior.  Have one person hold the dog's leash in an area the dog has plenty of room to move.  


Person 1 asks the leashed dog to sit.  Person 2 begins to approach.  The reward for the sit is Person 2 approaching.  The dog will likely stand and try to approach Person 2.  Each time the dog approaches Person 2, Person 2 stops, turns around and retreats.  Person 1 again cues the dog to sit repeating the process giving the dog time to figure out that the way to get Person 2 to approach is sit.


If you don't have a second person to help with training, a dog leash can be anchored to a door or a post and you can simply walk out of reach of the leash, then approach your dog only when all four paws are on the ground.  If the dog jumps, walk back out of reach of the leash and repeat. 


It's important not to rush the dog here.  Give the dog time to figure out what works and think through how he can achieve his desired goal.  



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