Things happen.  Animals get out.  Leashes snap.   Fireworks spook a dog and it bolts...    What do you do????   



Call the Kent County Animal Shelter (616) 632-7300

Give them a description of the missing animal.  

Physically go down to the shelter at 740 Fuller Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.  There are so many stories of an animal being at the shelter and people calling, being told their animal isn't there, only to go down and their animal is there.  Even if they tell you your animal is not there, go down and look.  Go every day if possible.  If you cannot go every day contact us and we will have our contacts at the shelter actively looking for your animal.

While you are at KCAS ask to see the FOUND book - they will not tell you it's there - you must ASK to see it.  Call anyone who reported an animal missing that is even remotely close to yours.  Even if it's listed as a male and your dog is female - people can get the sex wrong and people make mistakes writing down the info in the book.  

Call the Humane Society of West Michigan (616) 453-8900.

Social Media:  

Consider offering a reward for the return of the animal.    $$$$REWARD$$$$ gets attention.

Post LOST DOG on Craigslist.

On Facebook:

Post to:  Kent County Lost and Found Pets

Dog Name:




Cross Streets where the animal went missing:

Have there been any sightings:

Any physical characteristics that would be helpful in identifying the animal:



Phone Number:

Additional Info:

Photos Photos Photos

Think Like A Dog:  

You're lost.  Where would you go?!?!?!?!   Think like your dog.  

Is your dog timid and shy or does your dog love people?  Does your dog have a favorite spot to go?  Do you always go to the dog park?  Does your dog love water, rivers, creeks, lakes?  Does your dog love people would he want to find humans?  Where do you usually go when you leave the house?  

Searching and Outside in the Yard:  

If you have another dog, walk them at dusk and dawn starting FROM your home.  This way the scent starts and ends at your house.  If your dog responds to a squeak toy, walk with a squeak toy.  Call the dogs name while you walk.  Let your dog lead you - he may be pulling you toward the missing animal...

Put any familiar items in the yard - dirty clothes, their crate, used bedding - and keep the items fresh so the scent is in your yard as much as possible. Put out tons of clothes/bedding.  Not just a single shirt or single blanket get everything out there.........

Water will ultimately drive a dog out of hiding.  Use Google Maps aerial view feature to look for water spots near your area and search any wooded areas.  Put a kiddie pool full of water in your yard.  

Trail cams with motion detectors can be useful if you believe the dog is wandering closeby. 

Create a feeding station in your yard - put out bacon, ground beef, etc anything stinky that would draw an animal to your yard.  Then put a motion sensor camera on the feeding station to learn who/what is taking the food.  

Talk to mail carriers - they canvas the area every day.  

Flyers and Signs:


Create lost dog flyers and post them around the area. 

Bring lost dog flyers to local vets in case anyone brings the animal to a nearby vet for care.  

Post a giant sign in your front lawn.  

Use clear packing tape to cover signs they last longer.

Bring a step ladder to hang signs up high enough that people cannot easily tear them down.

Put flyers in mailboxes around the neighborhood.

Use markers to write on the glass on your car windows.

Use a 3 ring binder plastic sleeve upside down to hang flyers so the weather cannot damage them.  

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