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Mosh Pit Rescue is a 501(c)3 Not For Profit.

We are a completely staffed by volunteers. 

None of our volunteers are paid a salary.  

We operate out of our founder's house.  We have no overhead.  Utilities such as water and heat are all paid by our founder personally.   We do not pay our cell bills, vacations, or any other "normal life" expenses out of donation money.  


100% of donations go toward vet bills and pet food/toys/etc.  Vet bills are our primary expense.   At our vet, our personal dogs and cats are separated from our rescue dogs and cats to completely separate all rescue expenses from personal expenses.  

We vet our adoptables at VCA Woodland Animal Hospital and C Snip.  Outside of basic vaccinations, deworming and microchipping, vetting should be done at a vet - period.  We trust our vet and we use good medicine to treat our adoptables even though that is not always cheap.  Rescue is always a struggle of balancing limited funding with a need that is beyond what we can possibly handle. 

Non-cash donations such as pee pads, dog/cat food, toys, treats, beds and other items are always needed by our foster animals and very welcome and appreciated.  Cash donations are always needed.  

For more information on donating to Mosh Pit click here.