At Mosh Pit we believe pets are members of your family for life.  Period.  

There are very few circumstances that justify rehoming a pet you made promises and commitments to.  Of course there are times it's moral and appropriate to rehome a pet, but those times should be the exception not the norm.

We receive countless emails full of excuses along the lines of:

   -  We're having a child and no longer want our pet can we surrender him/her to your rescue.

   -  Our pet is wonderful and with some training will be a great pet for someone else.

   -  We are moving and don't want to take our pet with us.

   -  Vet care is expensive and we didn't realize the cost of owning a dog.

   -  We didn't realize how much work a dog is.

   -  We didn't realize how big our puppy would grow. 

If your pet is having behavior issues, we strongly encourage you to reach out to a qualified trainer vs. abandoning your pet.  If the pet would be great with some training, get that pet some training.  If you cannot give your animal the time it deserves, hire a dog walker to assist you in exercising your animal.  

If you are moving, move to a place where you are able to bring your pet with you. 

If you plan to have children and don't want a pet in the home with your child, please consider fostering a pet now and helping that pet find her/his forever home vs. taking in a permanent animal.  

Thousands of pets die daily in shelters.  Those pets, pets on death row, need our help urgently.  As much as we would love to help every animal, it simply is not possible.  We have seen the affect owner surrender has on animals.  Many fall into depression and confusion not understanding why they were abandoned.  We have a responsibility to the animals we choose to take into our homes and with that comes committing to them even when our circumstances change.

If we take your owner surrender, the harsh reality is that a pet in a kill shelter dies because we used our open space for your owner surrender and we were not able to pull an urgent animal.  We realize we sound harsh, but this is the cold reality of a world were dogs are bred, bought and sold and people do not spay/neuter their animals.  We live in this reality every day - we watch death - we see the faces of dogs we can't save.  Humans domesticated dogs - and humans are failing them at the expense of their lives every single day.  

If you have read the above, and still believe you have a moral reason to need to surrender your pet, contact us at  

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